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Zoom Painters Brighton Completely Repaint Brighton Property

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Zoom House Painters Brighton were recently contracted to provide a full interior and exterior repaint to this exclusive Brighton property. The repainting required the use of 11 different paint colours and involved painting many Victorian and Colonial style features including painting mouldings, painting skirting, painting architraves, painting timber window frames, painting door frames, painting external bricks etc.

Interior Door Painting Brighton

Interior and Exterior Painting Preparation

The client and her interior designer worked closely with our house painters, to select the right paint type and paint colours in order to achieve long lasting and impressive painting results. The house painting preparation involved the filling of damages and cracks in plaster walls and timber features followed by sanding these areas down to ensure smooth painting application. We also covered all windows, kitchen elements and floor areas to avoid paint marks while spray painting and painting using rollers and brushes.

Interior Kitchen Painting Brighton

Interior Bathroom Painters Brighton

Interior Bathroom Painting Services Brighton

The Interior and Exterior Painting Process

Zoom Painters Brighton applied an undercoat to ensure flawless paint application and long lasting results. This undercoat was applied using a spray gun to provide fast application and ensure the painting project stays within budget in order to provide value for money for our customers. Following the application of an undercoat our Brighton Painters applied and additional two paint coats of top coat in almost all internal areas and 1 coat on all external areas. We alternated between using paint spray guns when necessary and paint rollers and brushes to ensure both smooth, mirror finish application and efficient turnaround. Zoom Painting Services always work with our customers to ensure maximum paint coverage and flawless results and will provide advice in regards to the number of paint coats, choice of painting techniques, paint type and paint colours. Our Brighton Painters delivered one of the best painting finishes we recently had and the property owners were more then happy with the results.

Interior House Painting Services

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Exterior Painting Services Brighton

Exterior House Painters Brighton

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