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Zoom Residential Painters Bonbeach Paint Local Housing Development

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Zoom Painters Bonbeach just completed a project, which consisted of a number of townhouses at a brand new development in Bonbeach. Watch this video clip for onsite footage.

Residential Painting - cutting in corners

Notice the precision and time our Bonbeach painter takes while cutting in around these door corners which prepares them for painting with a paint roller. Cutting in means using a paint brush on areas which are too narrow for rollers, such as a ceiling line or corners. Cutting in is used to create a clean and neat transition from one color / surface to another. The quality of the cutting in can make or break the final look of a painting project. In the above video our Bonbeach painter is applying an undercoat / primer which is recommend for painting any new surface. The purpose of undercoats / primers is to prepare the surface by making it smooth and uniform. Following the undercoat Zoom Residential Painters Bonbeach applied two top coats to all interior surfaces delivering a truly flawless finish.

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Below is a list of all interior and exterior painting our residential painters completed for each of the townhouses:

  1. Painting ceilings

  2. Painting walls

  3. Painting door frames

  4. Painting window frames

  5. Painting garages

  6. Painting balconies

Here is a shot of one of our Bonbeach painters busy painting a townhouse balcony.

Bonbeach House Painting Services

And another shot of one of our Bonbeach painters showing a steady hand with a paint brush.

Bonbeach Residential House Painters

Now that painting is complete the townhouses are looking lovely. The builder and Zoom Painting could not be happier with the result.

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