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Zoom Painters Bentleigh Finish Painting Luxury Townhouses

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Our Bentleigh painters just completed another interior painting project consisting of two luxury townhouses. Take a look at this clip for onsite footage of our painters at work. The video clip shows Zoom Painters Bentleigh using an electric sander to rid the door frame of imperfections prior to painting. It also shows one of our painters applying undercoat using an airless spray gun and cutting in around door corners, which are too narrow to paint with a paint roller.

Zoom Painting Services Bentleigh

The following painting services were completed for both townhouses:

  1. Painting doors and door frames

  2. Painting window frames

  3. Painting skirting

  4. Painting ceilings

  5. Painting walls

Residential Painting Process

Zoom Painters Bentleigh prepared all surfaced by sanding down areas to be painted, filling all imperfections on walls, ceiling and woodwork, once again sanding down spots to which filler was applied and no-more-gapping any gaps and joints such as between skirting and walls. Our Bentleigh painters then applied three coats of premium interior paint, which consisted of one coat of undercoat and two top coats. Zoom Painters Bentleigh sprayed semi-gloss enamel on all doors, door frames and window frames with airless spray guns to achieve a flawless mirror finish without brush marks. Both townhouses will go on the market shortly. Zoom Painters Bentleigh completed this project over a two week period and delivered top quality painting on all interior surfaces. The client could not be happier with the results.

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