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Zoom Heritage Painters Balwyn Give this Victorian Style Balwyn Home a Makeover

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Zoom Heritage Painters Balwyn were contacted by a customer looking to find out about our exterior painting services. She owned a lovely two story Victorian style home. The areas needing to be painted were difficult to access and the customer was frustrated as she had contacted numerous Balwyn painters who had refused to help her. Of course our painting team were more then happy to assist, confident we could overcome any access challenges.

Our Balwyn Painters Delivered the Following Painting Services:

  1. Painting fascia

  2. Painting eves

  3. Painting window frames

  4. Painting door frames

  5. Painting balcony

  6. Porch painting

  7. Gate painting

  8. Minor repairs of wear and tear on fascia

  9. Painting Services offered

Zoom Painters Balwyn supplied all materials which included scaffolding and extra high ladders. To ensure full and durable coverage to all external areas our Balwyn painters used three coats of high quality exterior paint, consisting of one coat of undercoat and two top coats. Photographs below feature one of our Balwyn painters working hard at delivering a flawless painting finish to fascia, eves and window frames.

Residential House Painters Balwyn
House Painting Services Balwyn

Dulux AcraTex was used for porch painting in order to achieve a textured paint effect. Dulux AcraTex is an acrylic texture which protects against render cracking and staining. Dulux AcraTex offers an alternative to traditional cement render which can become brittle and prone to cracking and staining. We have found Dulux AcraTex to be more durable as it uses a Flexible Acrylic technology that won't crack or deteriorate over time. Below is a sample of Dulux AcraTex product options available through Zoom Painting.

Our Balwyn painters used a white colour scheme for all exterior painting, transforming the Victorian style home by giving it a chic and modern look.

Painters in Balwyn
Interior and Exterior Painting Services Balwyn

The customer was very happy with the result and collected some of our business cards to pass on to her friends and family members.

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