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Zoom Painters Berwick Paint Brand New Development

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Zoom Painters Berwick successfully painted a number of house at the brand Orchade Rise estate in Berwick, constructed by Beachwood Construction. Zoom Painters Berwick were contracted to paint all internal and external surfaces, including:

  1. Painting ceilings

  2. Painting walls

  3. Painting skirting

  4. Painting doors and door frames

  5. Painting window frames

  6. Painting eave linings

  7. Painting porch and alfresco linings

  8. Painting garage interior

  9. Painting verandah beams

Painting Walls

All internal walls were painted using Dulux Professional Interior/Exterior Matt, a water based low odor paint, which reduces the appearance of imperfections particularly when strong lighting is present and does not leave behind lingering smells of fumes.

Painting Timber Features

All internal woodwork was prepared using a Dulux Professional Acrylic Sealer Undercoat, to create a smooth and even surface on which a topcoat can be applied. As a top coat Zoom Painters Berwick used Dulux Professional Gloss Enamel, which is highly durable oil based paint ideal to achieve a mirror finish on doors and skirting. The project was immaculately presented and completed on time and on budget.

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